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Peloton Real Estate exists to challenge how the property industry thinks, so that we can improve the experience of those around us.

The asset-management industry traditionally operates with a short-term mindset. Purely focused on the bottom line. The standard approach is to ensure the interests of the AM partner and investor are aligned. At Peloton Real Estate, that is just a given; it is the base assumption we all start from.

We enhance our investors’ reputations, make their lives easier and help them exceed their investment criteria. The AM partner and investor are aligned. At Peloton Real Estate, that is just a given; it is the base assumption we all start from.

Jonathan Nuttalll
Jonathan Nuttalll Managing Director Peloton Real Estate

How Peloton Real Estate optimises returns

We reduce risk by striving to understand you and your assets in order to meet your investment criteria and enhance your returns.

There are three key components we use to understand your business, so we can create a bespoke solution that works for you:

Understand your needs
Understand your needs

We assess your appetite for risk, your return criteria and any non-financial metrics

Learn about your asset
Learn about your asset

We take time to understand the commercial, social and environmental context and its function.

The users of the asset
The users of the asset

Your tenants and their customers are the value drivers of your investment. We understand their success enhances your performance

We look at the bigger picture

We consider the wider commercial, environmental and social factors when we make decisions. We believe that by focusing our attention on the end user, we will improve their experience of the assets we invest in. This in turn provides greater returns for our investors.

We are bold enough to stand out. In our field we make sure that anyone who interacts with a Peloton Real Estate asset has a positive experience, whether that is a social, environmental or personal improvement to their day-to-day life.

Our extensive market knowledge and this approach allow us to offer our investors confidence in an arena of uncertainty and risk.

All this, while reducing our environmental impact and improving the experience of your tenants and their customers

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We transacted over £400 million of real estate over the past five years across the market

4 million sq ft

of commercial and industrial property under management


tenants across the UK


Assets Under Management

Annual rent role of

c. £19.m

600,000 sq ft

of development under management

Sustainable, future-proof asset management

We believe that real estate investment must be more than making a return. The built environment defines our day from start to finish. We reduce the impact our assets have on the environment and improve the experience of those that use them, leaving the world in a better state than we found it. In doing so we create real estate fit for the future, driving higher returns for our clients.

Create a legacy you can be proud of.

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We help our clients access enhanced returns for commercial property throughout the UK

Government bodies, international funds and private investors trust us to procure the best opportunities and talent, reduce risk and enhance returns.


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